Camp Policies for All Programs

By registering for any Monkey Business Camp program, you agree to these policies.

We use e-mail as our primary means of communication for confirmations of registration, camp information session letters sent the Wednesday before each week of camp, balance due invoices, and receipts. Please check your email provider’s spam protection to ensure that (additionally for Girls on the Go program families: and Boys on the Go program families: are safe addresses and that emails from us will not be blocked.

You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail upon completion of your registration. Please make sure your confirmation matches with your records and that you have signed up for the correct days or weeks, as we cannot refund for errors in planning. If you do not receive a confirmation, please log into your account to review details and ensure that your registration is complete (it will guide you through any mandatory forms).  Please contact our office if you need help.


  • 80% refund by May 1
  • 50% refund by two weeks before camp session start ONLY if the space is filled
  • NO REFUND if less than two weeks before camp session
  • Transfer weeks possible up to one month before the camp week: $25/week transfer fee.


  • 80% refund by one month before program start date
  • 50% refund by two weeks before camp session start ONLY if the space is filled
  • NO REFUND if less than two weeks before camp session
  • Transfer days possible up to one month before the camp day: $5/day transfer fee.


  • You cannot transfer from a Summer Camp session to a School Break Camp session, or vice versa. You may transfer between different programs during the summer, or between different school break camps within the same school year.
  • Camper weeks or days are not transferable to other campers, except between siblings.
  • If we need to cancel a program due to low enrollment, you will receive option to transfer to another program or get full refund.
  • In the case of a natural disaster that affects ability to hold camp at the specific locations noted in communications, we’ll find alternate meeting place to hold camp and will be unable to offer any refunds. If no alternate sites can be found, we will issue refunds.

1) Space is not guaranteed until full payment is received or a payment plan is set up.

2) Extended Care Drop-In Billing Details: Begins Friday 2pm before each week of camp

  • Our office will review sign in sheets after camp for the time you, guardian or your child signed in and out, and charge your credit card on file for any extended care outside hours you have registered.
  • Fees are at a rate of $13/hour; $7/half hour and will be determined by rounding to nearest quarter hour, e.g. 4:54pm sign out will be charged as though pick up was at 5pm or 8:06am drop off will be charged at 8:00am.
  • If there is no sign in or out time, office will charge you for drop-off of 8:00 or pick up time of 6:00, or whatever is the start or end time of camp, if there is no extended care.
  • If sign in or out time challenging to read, our office will make best determination and charge you.
  • Please make sure to tell all dropping off or picking up your child or your child to sign in and out and write the time legibly.
  • Please contact our office for any clarification re: drop-in charges, as we keep our sign in sheets on file and can send you scan of the sheet that triggered the charge.


3) Late Pick-Up Billing Details: these kick in if you do not pick up by end of grace period at the end of camp.  Camp end times vary, depending on the camp week and program.  Fees are $26/hour; $14/half hour; $8/15 minutes.

4) Grace Period for Pick-Up: Pick up by 10 minutes after pick-up time based on your registration, so for example for a 3:30pm end time, pickup by 3:40pm. This grace period does not affect the drop-in fees or late pick-up fees if your child is picked up after the grace period ends. 

5) On site staff do not have authority to waive any fees.

6) If your credit card on file rejects a charge due, we will get in touch with you to give us an updated card. If you know your card is compromised and no longer working, please update your card on file via your account.

7) Pay any invoices upon receipt or by date specified. If we need to re-bill for non-payment, which we do monthly, a 20% or maximum $40 charge will apply each time we need to re-bill after invoices are not returned with payment.

Prior to, or at the time of registration, parents/guardians are responsible for notifying us of an officially diagnosed special need. Additionally, we must be informed if your child has been asked to leave another camp program and/or if your child has had disruptive behavior during his/her time in any other program. If your child has an aide during school, they will need one during camp. If your child is a return camper, please contact our office previous to enrolling, to communicate about recent information and to check in if enrollment possible. Your disclosures do not necessarily preclude your child’s participation.

There are rare times when our Staff or Founding Director must dismiss a child or have them take a day off due to behavior that demands significant 1:1 staff and youth leader attention. For example, this is most likely to happen if a child wants to do other things than what is planned and needs almost constant staff or youth leader re-direction.  This can happen with kids who are youngest at age 4 ½, in our Tilden and School Break Camps.  Some just are not ready for camp environment yet. Additional behaviors which may cause dismissal include running away from the group, not listening to staff and youth leader’s re-directions, or if they cause physical harm to anyone at the camp (hitting, kicking, biting, throwing objects at others, etc.). One of the Directors always comes to observe a child before making this call, unless serious issue involving physical harm has occurred.  Our goal is wanting to create successful situation for all involved.  We realize it is not easy to get this news, or to make plans at the last minute, so it’s important to consider before signing up your child. It may be possible for the child to return to camp with an aide. There will be no refund for unused days at camp.


Parents are responsible for informing Monkey Business Camp on medical form regarding any food sensitivities or allergies and will keep updated.  In addition, most items served at snack or with food projects are listed on the medical form.  Monkey Business Camp will do its best to communicate regarding food content in the Wednesday session letter before camp, and if anything is not okay for your child, communicate with the office or on site director. Parents can send their children with alternate treats or snacks and give those to the site director.



We highly recommend full cover swim gear, like rash guards, so there is less sun exposure, since we swim at high sun intensity times (around 12-2:45 period), due to timing of opening of lakes and pools. Parents are responsible for sunscreening their children on all exposed skin before camp.

Our staff is unable to give regularly scheduled daily medications or herbs, so please administer those to your child before or after camp, or come by during the day if necessary. Medicine, prescription or non-prescription, on an “as needed” basis must be added to your child’s online medical form and brought to camp in original packaging and given to the site director. If you need to make any edits after submission of the medical form, e-mail our office to unlock the form.

If we discover your child has nits or lice while they are at camp, staff will contact you to come pick up your child asap. Before they can come back to camp, they need to be nit free.

Your child must be fever free for 24 hours before they can come back to camp, as often a fever can go away in the morning, but return in the afternoon.

Occasionally what we have listed on our website will not work out for our plans. We alter it with another fun activity.

We require that parents, guardians, or children ages 12 or over given permission by parents sign into and out of camp daily with exact time and initials. These records are used to calculate charges for drop-in extended care, so make sure to enter information correctly and clearly. At pick-up time, staff will release kids to those people listed on your authorized list. Please make sure your list is updated on your online account by 2pm the Friday before camp begins. Staff do NOT check i.ds., unless you contact our office with a request at least two weeks prior to camp start.

For children ages 12 and older, you can check on the Camper Registration Info Form that you give them permission to sign themselves in and out. In this case, children are responsible for themselves before the sign in time and after the sign out time. For any additional permissions, outside of this, please contact the office, so they can have you fill out special permission slip.


  • I hereby certify that I have given full disclosure concerning all medical, physical, and psychological conditions which may have relevance to my child’s performance while at camp. I understand that failure to provide full disclosure is grounds for immediate dismissal without refund.
  • I will pay in full for the services.
  • I understand that Monkey Business Camp will charge my credit card for any drop-in care (full day or extended care) or late pick-ups, based on details here in this policy agreement, that are repeated in the parent info packet.
  • I have viewed the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the websites for programs my child is attending and will honor those details while at camp.
  • I know all adults involved in my child’s participation at camp will need to abide by the parent info packet, sent in registration confirmation e-mail. I understand a session letter with those details and additional information on specific activities and staffing will be sent the Wednesday prior to each week of camp.
  • I agree to abide by all Monkey Business Camp policies and procedures.