Stacy Raye Memorial Fund

Stacy Raye, one of our cherished Founding Director’s passed away on Feb 17, 2011.  She left an amazing legacy and is sorely missed.  Stacy lives on in those of us touched by her brilliant spirit. Read more about Stacy here. Monkey Business Camp has established the ongoing Stacy Raye Memorial Fund, which will support ventures for children and joy. We sponsor campers who have been touched by cancer, to attend up to a month at Monkey Business and/or Girls on the Go Camp.  You can contribute in honor of Stacy’s memory – because we are not a non-profit, your donation is not tax deductible but will be used solely to offset tuition for children who are affected by cancer in their immediate families. If you know of a child who might benefit, please direct them to the this page to find the application: Thank you!!

We graciously accept checks made out to Monkey Business Camp with memo line “SRMF” at all times during the year. Please mail to:
Monkey Business Camp
1442-A Walnut Street #437
Berkeley, CA 94709


2016 Recipient

“My younger son survived cancer in 2014, and my older son doesn’t usually want to attend camps, but they loved doing Boys on the Go together. It was such fun for them to hang out together all week, and it certainly couldn’t have happened without the Stacey Raye fund. I also have a daughter who got to attend Girls on the Go, where she made new friends and saw cool places in the bay area that she hadn’t visited before. Thank you! On the night before their first day, I told them that the camp was free because of what they’d been through, they were seriously touched by the gesture and were extra inspired to enjoy every bit of it.” – Christine A.

2015 Recipient

“Now that summer has drawn to a close, I wanted to again express how tremendously thankful our family is for MBC’s generosity! The Stacey Raye Memorial Fund has been such a huge blessing to our family—financially, mentally, and emotionally! I really can’t say thank you enough. Cali also, personally wanted to say thank you for the amazing time she had at both camps! She was especially excited with learning how to be more independent, to take public transit, and to try out loads of new activities with Girls On The Go.” – Kathryn N.

2014 Recipient

“I want to share with you a cherished memory between my daughter and I, from her time at Monkey Business Camp this summer. I also, would like to thank everyone at MBC, especially those who through love and generosity donate to and make the Stacy Raye Memorial Fund available to children like my daughter, Cali.

Friday, August 1, 2014.
As I walk to pick up my daughter from camp this afternoon, I feel the cool breeze with the sounds of giggles being carried on it. Children in handmade tye-dye t-shirts are dancing, talking, and laughing around me, happily recounting their day at camp. When I find Cali, she is is thrilled that I’m healthy enough to pick her up (a rarity over the past several months) she is just as excited to tell me about her day at camp. “Mama, Mama!, Look what I made!” as she proudly pulls a scarf from her bag. “I learned to finger-knit! Now I can make stuff like you. Watch!”
She slips the yarn back onto her fingers and continues to knit, breaking into song as she goes, “Reese’s peanut butter cup, We sing this song to PUMP US UP!”

Bursting into giggles, she hugs me, and I squeeze her back, trying as I might to wish an eternity of a mother’s love for her, an amazing moment to end her terrifically brilliant day! Not once on her mind were: my hundreds of doctors visits, my PET scans, my multiple hospital stays in isolation, during which she begged nurses to let her stay too, my mortality, or my cancer. As Cali hopped into the car she continued to sing “Reese’s peanut butter…” stopping only to ask “Can I come to Monkey Business again next summer?” and without missing a beat, “We sing this song to PUMP US UP!”

2013 Recipient

“Last summer our children were given a golden opportunity that came at a time in our lives when dark clouds seem to loom forever.  It was almost 2 years prior to that, at the age of 41, in what proved to be the worst year of my life, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I have done everything to convince myself that there is nothing wrong with me and that I am as strong as any other healthy 44 (now) year old man.  So far, so good!

I believe in mind over matter and the spiritual self, but above all I believe that I must be here for my family! Losing the battle is simply not an option. Although, thankfully, treatment has kept my disease under control, our family has had to struggle to meet our financial obligations due to an overwhelming amount of medical bills.

When we learned that our girls were the recipients of the Stacy Raye scholarship at Monkey Business Camp, we truly felt that we had been given a very special gift.  Not only were our daughters able to spend most of their summer having fun with other kids in a safe environment but this allowed my wife and myself to continue working. The value of this was more than just  knowing that our daughters had a summer of stress free fun; we were given the feeling that someone cared, that hope was still around us! This was the true gift behind the Stacey Raye scholarship and for this our family, as we continue through with our daily struggle to win the battle, will forever be grateful!”