Youth Leadership – Helping Out at Camp!



“His confidence, sense of responsibility and empathy have all grown tremendously with this experience–and, most importantly, he loves it!”-Mom of 12 year old CIT

Our program has a variety of positions for youth ages 10-16. We’re looking for youth, from diverse backgrounds, who want to be a part of making camp an amazing place for the kids. That basically means helping kids have a fun, safe time. In addition, we want those who want to learn and co-create with the staff, who are very experienced in the field. We’ve found that youth leaders play a very central, positive role in a camper’s experience.

CIT stands for Counselor in Training and JC for Junior Counselor.

Our Tilden Park Outdoor Summer Camp, for ages 4.5-10 year olds, runs from June to August each summer and most youth leaders sign up for 1-2 of our two-week sessions. If you love being outdoors, want to help campers get comfortable at camp and help staff with field games, songs, arts and crafts, cooking, walks, reading books, playing board games & with sand and water play at our weekly swim day at Lake Anza, Tilden Park is for you.  Youth leader teams gather weekly with our trainers, separately from the campers, to talk about how it’s going, learn some skills for working with campers, and have some fun together. CITs are 11-15 years old and can be new to camp; JCs are 14-16 years old, have been CIT in the past and received positive feedback from the staff.

If you enjoy helping and playing with younger campers, come work at our PreK Summer Camp with 3-4 year olds.  PreK Summer Camp (Papaya Camp) happens during the last 3 weeks in August. These young campers are full of energy and ideas, and working with them is a wonderful way to start on a youth leadership path.  Youth leaders sign up for 1-3 weeks. CITs are ages 10-13 (yes, CITs can start a year earlier here than at Tilden) and JCs, ages 14-16. All can be new to Monkey Business.

School Break Camps are a great way to get a little bit of the camp experience in between summers.  Youth leaders can attend for two days or more at each break camp. We have an indoor-outdoor space, so YLs may play a game of tag or basketball, dig in the sand, push a camper on a swing, help with art and cooking projects, or play board games with campers.  We make a relaxing, fun place for kids to play during these short breaks from school and welcome you to come help! Age details are the same for this program as for Tilden Park. CITs can be new, but JCs must be return, unless permission received from our office.

Girls on the Go! and Boys on the Go! Field Trip Camps each now have openings for one JC, aged 14-16.

Visit each camp info page for more details about youth leadership for that particular program: WINTER, FEBRUARY, SPRING, SUMMER IN TILDEN, PRE-K SUMMER CAMP , GIRLS ON THE GO, BOYS ON THE GO